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Meet our Lead Pastor, Derik Armstrong and learn more about the vision of BCC and how we are praying for you.

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Position Overview

The primary objective for our Kid's Director will be to lead and implement the unified vision of our church to kids birth through 5th grade. This is a full-time (40-50 hours weekly) and this person will report to the Lead Pastor. The Quad Cities is number 15 from a 2019 Barna research poll of "Most Post-Christian Cities in the US"...we have a burning passion to see the Quad Cities off of this list in the next ten years. This position will be instrumental in raising up a generation that lives with an eternal priority and restores a love and trust for Jesus and His Church.

Barna Research Link

Vision and Mission

What God has called BCC to do is bigger than Sunday, bigger than Bettendorf and beyond our lifetime.

We are a church with a heart for these Quad Cities and the surrounding region. We have strategic focuses we want to influence within this vision. We specifically are trying to reach people who are disconnected from Christ-centered community and get them connected to relational, obedience based discipleship. We also want to be a church that is heavily investing in the next generation of influencers and leaders who will carry the Gospel beyond our lifetime. We want to be a "sending church" that is raising up next generation of people who live out their "sent-ness" whether through accepting a call to missions overseas or living out mission through their sphere of influence. We are building our strategy around these big concepts and are pursuing specific goals within these areas we believe God has called us to influence. 


Vision Implementation


At BCC, we implement the vision through three primary means. We believe that these three "pillars", as we call them, are essential to every ministry specific age.
They are: 1. The Weekly Large Gathering (that includes every service and every age that gathers) 2. Groups 3. Missions. We want the handoff every time someone "graduates" to the next phase of life within the church to have a strong value of these things instilled in them from their previous experience. For this role, the handoff from each age and goals within those ages will be vital. 


These values drive our behaviors and decisions as a church. These five things help give us a clear identity to embrace as a church and act as guardrails to what we do and how we do it.

1. Scripture is our starting point

2. Relationships are our priority

3. Generosity is our lifestyle

4. Devotion is our identity

5. Transformation is our pursuit


Fit Matters A LOT

Our staff team unity matters a great deal to us. We have a few guiding phrases we developed together to help curate and protect that culture and unity.

1. We never camp out. (We learn fast from success and failure)

2. We fight for unity. (We keep short account and are always loyal to the absent)

3. We push through "good enough". (Excellence in the small details becomes big life change)

4. We resist "yes" to everything. (Give up the things we love for the things we love more)

5. We have a pioneer mindset. (We do things we've never done before to reach people we've never reached before)

6. We pursue fun. (The fun we have together amplifies the work we do together)


We need to make sure we align with our theology because this person would be influencing our most open and receptive ages. Make sure to read through OUR BELIEFS before applying.

Our Process

We want to be very clear and upfront with out process so you can know what to expect.

1. January 1-31, 2023 job posting on several quality websites to cast a wide net for potential candidates.

2. We will only respond to the candidates who follow the outlined process from the job posting. We will contact you within 2 weeks maximum of your initial completion of our outlines process. 
3. We will invite the top candidates for a 1 on 1 Zoom call with Pastor Derik.

4. Late January or Early February, 2023 We will invite Pastor Derik's recommended candidates to a group Zoom interview with the Elders. 
5. Sometime February or March, 2023 We will invite a candidate (and spouse if applicable) to come for a weekend on-site visit where the candidate would spend time with the staff, strategic BCC Kid Volunteers, and attend a weekend service to observe BCC Kids and attend an adult service. 

6. If all goes well, we will make an offer to the candidate within 72 hours of their on-site visit. The Lead Pastor will make the final decision with the support of Elders. The candidate may take up to one week to discern, negotiate, ask questions before communicating their final decision.
7. Our hoped goal would be around May or June, 2023 Once a job offer is accepted, we will discuss moving plans, start date and officially announce the hire to the congregation.

These timelines are subject to change based on factors to be discussed. 

Church and Region Overview

BCC's facilities sit on 17 acres in Bettendorf, Iowa. The most recent $4mil expansion to our facility was completed in 2020. We have recently renovated our former sanctuary and it now is a next-gen room dedicated to kids and teenager primarily but can also be used as another multi-purpose room. 

BCC has an average total weekend attendance of 600-700 people with about 150-200 of that being 5th grade and younger. 


We love these cities! We want you to love these cities too! The QCA has around 400,000 population with surrounding smaller towns. Each city haas a unique flavor to it and we love it! We have great schools, fun minor league baseball and hockey teams, arena football, several large performance venues that bring in big acts, super cool downtown areas and big city amenities with a small town vibe. The QCA is home to John Deere, Rock Island Arsenal and Arconic, just to name a few big industries that employ many people. The QCA is bordered along the Mississippi River and that means there are awesome bridges and beautiful views all year long! 


We truly have four seasons of weather. Fall is gorgeous and perfect for hiking, visiting Maquoketa Caves and taking in the beautiful foliage. Winter is cold and snowy but we have so much fun with it! Snow isn't too crazy here but it is enough go sledding, ice skating, and build amazing snow people. Spring is incredible and it warms up fast in the QCA and the corn fields start to get planted again and people get really excited. Summers are just incredible here and you will experience really hot and humid days but there is so much activity during the summer, you will never be without something going on!


If you want to get away to bigger cities, the QCA is only 2 hours from Chicago, 3.5 hours from St.Louis, 4.5 hours from Minneapolis and 2 hours from DesMoines. We also have an international airport in the QCA, an Amtrak station not too far away for a cool train ride to Chicago, and so many great people in this region. "Midwest nice" is a real thing here in the QCA. We really love these cities and our heart's beat for what God is doing here and what He will do through us in the future!


Your Next Step

BCC Kid's Director Position Requested Info


Send a .pdf of your resume along with a family photo and any web or social media links in a single e-mail to; ""

Thank you for your time! We are praying regularly for this process and you!

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