Staffing Transitions

Updated: 4 days ago

Pastor Barry Steiner has been faithfully serving at BCC for 8 years as our Student Pastor and he has been in student ministry for 25 years! He has served as our Interim Pastor before our current Lead Pastor's arrival and has led many mission trips and faithfully served in so many ways at BCC.

Late 2021, Pastor Barry and Pastor Derik began having conversations and praying about the future and discovered that God was transitioning Barry's heart to lead our missions and care efforts at BCC. We discussed this with our Elders and discerned over a period of 5 months to whether this was the will of God and we truly believe it is! Our current Missions Coordinator, Teresa Brown, is retiring from her role at the end of the summer and this has provided us the opportunity to have Barry in this lead role, as well as to lead our care efforts for our congregation.

Here is our current strategic plan:


  1. Put together pre-interview questions for the current Student Pastor (Barry) and have him submit answers via e-mail to the Elders and Lead Pastor by 5-5-22

  2. Have an in-person interview with Barry and the Elders and Lead Pastor 5-15-22

  3. The Elders and Lead Pastor make a final determination and communicate to Barry concerning his new role as Missions and Care Pastor by 5-19-22

  4. Barry will begin sharing with the Student Ministry Leaders about his transition prior to a formal church-wide announcement

  5. The Lead Pastor and Barry will make an official announcement to the congregation on 6-5-22


  1. Pastor Derik will begin the search for a new Student Pastor 5-19-22 by posting a job description online with several reputable websites

  2. Pastor Derik will make a presentation to select staff and elders (similar to the Froot Group presentation/process) 6-7-22

  3. Pastor Derik will conduct one on one interviews with the top candidates and then have the Elders interview them via Zoom and make reference calls

  4. The Elders and Pastor Derik will meet to pray and select a candidate to bring in for a personal interview weekend 6-16-22 thru 6-20-22

  5. A job offer will be made to the candidate, assuming all goes well and then be presented to the congregation as our new hire


  1. Barry will conduct all of the summer activities as planned

  2. Barry will begin attending Mission Team meetings and working with Teresa Brown to begin training for her retirement on 9-1-22

  3. Celebrate and honor Teresa Brown for her service to the church publicly 9-1-22

  4. Present Student Pastor Candidate to the congregation for a vote of affirmation

  5. Celebrate and honor Barry and Michelle Steiner for their service to the church publicly and install him with the Lead Pastor and Elders praying for him in his new official role

  6. Welcome and introduce/install the new Student Pastor publicly to the congregation

The Elders and Pastor Derik invited Tom Netek here June 17-19 for an interview. They offered Tom the position and Tom has accepted!

According to our bylaws, the final step is to have a confirmation vote of Pastor Derik's and the Elders' decision by the members of BCC. We're required to inform the congregation two weeks in advance prior to a vote. We must have a quorum of 1/3 of active voting members and a confirmation vote of 3/4 majority to make this official. This vote is important because it gives our candidate a final confirmation to move forward. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact Voting opens July 7 through July 10 at noon.

Please visit for voting instructions and to learn more about Tom.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration. We're very excited to have a great candidate!