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  • Church Center App

    Did you know you can have quick access to your BCC serve schedule as well as the BCC Calendar, Events, Groups, and Give? To get this on your phone download "Church Center App" from the app store. Get started Use my location BCC This is my church Enter phone number This makes registering for things easier for you. When you see a QR code, scan it and it will take you straight to the form!

  • Search for Kid's Director

    We have concluded a 40 day job posting search for our new Kid's Director at BCC. During this time we had several applicants but none that fit the requirements or experience we were hoping to find. We have hired Chemistry Staffing to assist us with the next phase of our search. This hiring firm works exclusively with churches and has over 15 years of experience with a national reach. They have access to over 11,000 potential candidates for various roles at churches that have applied and gone through their extensive process. Pastor Derik spoke with a representative from Chemistry Staffing and was informed that Kid's Director roles are currently in high demand and we can expect the search and placement process to take 6-9 months. Things certainly can happen much sooner if we identify the right candidate but they want our expectations to properly be set. The Elders have offered for our Interim Kid's Director, Hollie Armstrong, to stay in her role until the position has been filled. Hollie will ensure we continue to have engaging weekly services for kids, a strong volunteer team and great family events all year long, including an exciting Vacation Bible School this summer! Hollie will not be applying for the position but is happy to serve for the remainder of the search until we can find the candidate we believe God has led to serve our kids and families! As we have updates, we will provide them to the congregation. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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    The Next Steps is a four-part class designed to give you the information you need to discern if indeed God is calling you to take the next step in connecting deeper at BCC. Each Sunday (first four Sundays of each month) at 12 p.m., a different class will be taught by a different staff member. There is no need to sign up, just show up in Classroom 4 located near the BCC Kids main entrance. Look for signage with the "Next Steps" logo. Come in, grab a binder, complimentary refreshments and prepare to learn with others who are new to BCC as well! This class series is designed to help you understand the following: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Serving at BCC, in some capacity, is an expectation of our Church culture because relationships are our priority. As such, we require The Next Steps completion in order to serve. You can also pursue membership at the conclusion of your Next Steps journey. If you aren't ready to make that leap, this class is still a great way to learn about our church family! We look forward to getting to know you more! MEMBERSHIP APP SERVE TEAM APP


    What are you praying for that only God can pull off? What has God been doing? What have you seen? We know God is at work in all things, whether you are in the middle of a battle, going through what feels like a defeat, experiencing a victory, or have witnessed a miracle... we want to hear about it and celebrate with you. 100-Word Stories are a way to share what God is doing in your life as you continue your faith journey. We experience hope, inspiration, and joy when we share our stories with each other. Share Your Story Recently I got the opportunity to go on a prayer walk with some people from church and before we started I prayed that as we got to a new house that God would put on my heart what that home needed so that I could pray over it. Everytime we got to a new house a word or a phrase would come through my head like “relationships” or “work” or “struggling with _____” and I knew that that’s what God wanted me to pray about. So it was really cool to see how God knows those people so intimately and knows exactly what they need even when I had no idea. Natalie Our group was blessed by having a pizza lunch for the church after the 2nd service. This was the same meal we had shared as a closed group many times in the past. The Lord allowed us to share this idea with the whole congregation, who had been challenged to i nvite each other out for lunch earlier in the month. I was so proud of the way our group shared their desserts, their pizza, and their hospitality. To my mind it was a great experience for all who took part. Keith ​ ​ I recently moved to Bettendorf from Arizona with my son and his family. The transition has been very stressful. It took us several months before we found BCC. In the meantime, I knew no one here for fellowship. Then I came to a Young at Heart dinner and meant two wonderful ladies who invited me to join the Care and Share hangout. The kind, loving folks in those two groups have made a huge difference in my life! When I'm with them I feel accepted, liked and included. I praise God for leading us to BCC. The people I've met have truly demonstrated the scripture "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (John 13:36) Pat ​ My 14 year old grandson‘s girlfriend probably heard the gospel for the first time this morning… She said she thought Pastor Derik was just talking directly to her…​ Pastor Derik ​ ​ I have been retired for over 10 years and have undergone four occurrences of Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL), which is classified as an incurable blood cancer. God has been very gracious and merciful to me and provided new treatments when previous ones have failed to keep it in remission. I have benefited from many prayerful friends who have interceded for me. Last fall the MCL turned into an aggressive form, that was in stage 4, that involved 90% of my bone marrow, an d an urgent treatment was needed. God opened the doors to a new clinical trial at the University of Iowa that was not yet FDA approved. After a week of treatment, some tenuo us days and about 5 weeks in the hospital, I was in 100% remission. Praise God-again. V i c ​ Ken Fu was baptized last weekend and he reached out to me and thanked me. He then shared that he has been asked to s hare his story with his family’s church this coming Sunday in China v ia Zoom! Ken also has been traveling from Bettendorf to Iowa City and back each Sunday to pick up his girlfriend Lexi, who is also originally from China and is currently a student at the university and is exploring Christianity. She was raised a Buddhist but is becoming more open to Jesus because Ken has been sharing his faith with her and she loves BCC! They discuss the message each week on their car ride back to Iowa City. God is using this young man! The weekend he was baptized, he had two family members who are not believers in Jesus show up to support him! He is being used to share Christ with so many! Pray for him to continue to be used by God and others hearts to be open to the love and truth of Jesus! Past o r Derik ​ In a world where I have faced battle after battle, the Lord continues to provide peace and draws m e closer to him reminding me that He is in control. He continues to pour out blessings and takes every hardship to shape into a story that can be shared to provide hope and encouragement for others. He takes my brokenness and darkness and uses it as a light for others to see that even during all the suffering He will find you and use you. As the lyrics say, “The Enemy thought he had me, but Jesus says you are mine.” L aure n ​ This past year was filled with an immense amount of heartache and loss. I can see now God preparing me in advance. Putting people in my life to remind me God is always faithful; we can't choose when He is and isn't. Before our second miscarriage was confirmed we had to wait a week. I didn't like how God's faithfulness was looking. In the wait God showed me even though I was terrified He wouldn't answer my prayers to save our baby, I would need Him desperately in either outcome. In December we had to wait another week to see if my brother would wake up from a coma. I cried out to God to save him. We lost my brother before Christmas. It was way too soon, he was way too young. I have been asking God, 'Why?!?' while holding on to God's promises like Romans 8:28. God will use this brokenness and sorrow. It is hard to see God's faithfulness in my current sorrow but it is there. A my ​ My family moved from a comfortable life in the Chicago suburbs last summ er because we believed God was calling us to the Quad Cities. Connecting with BCC was natural because we have family in the area that has called BCC home for years. But nearly every other aspect of the move has been challenging - new jobs for my wife and I, as well as a new high school for our twin daughters. Pastor Derik’s recent sermons have been good reminders that following God’s call is not always easy, but God has been and will continue to be faithful. Ma rk ​ God works in me through the Holy Spirit. It is not m e but the Holy Spirit using me to show God's glory! I am being used through the children's ministry as a teacher for 5-year-olds, as a Bible study leader at One Eighty Prison Ministry, and to help our seniors at BCC. I love to go visit the elderly in the hospitals and nursing homes. P atti e ​ I spent sixty-six years with my back turned to God. Then the Holy Spirit challenged me to read the Old Testament. Despite a loving, steadfast, patient, merciful God who declared them his “Chosen People” and provided everything for them, I saw the Israelites as sinful, disobedient, 'stiff-necked', ungrateful people. Then I looked in the mirror and saw the world and, just like the Israelites. So I read the New Testament, looked around and pondered all creation, wondering why it had taken me so long. He was patient, but now I am 'chosen', I praise and I serve Him. Tom


    Sermon Study Guides No Other Gospel-Week 1 No Strangers Policy - Week 6 Leading with Vulnerability-Week 5 Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships-Week 4 Surrounded By Need-Week 3 We Gather Because of Jesus-Week 1 Washing Feet-Week 2

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